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NU-TEC Incorporated, a Rhode Island, USA based firm has been involved in the cast-iron stove business since 1982.  NU-TEC has produced cast-iron stoves and fireplace products in the U.S., Belgium, Taiwan, and Croatia. NU-TEC is now based in China.  NU-TEC has a special understanding of the requirements of fireplace/stove design and is credited with supplying the U.S., Canadian and European markets with some of the most beautiful, technologically advanced fireplace stoves. 
NU-TEC's expertise in  the design, specification, and procurement of low cost cast-iron stoves and components has enabled us to specialize in the supplying quality private label fireplace and stove products to hearth product manufacturers.  A full time staff of NU-TEC engineers and technicians operating in our own facility in China ensures that our manufacturing partners obtain quality castings at the lowest world prices.  
Casting, machining, porcelain enameling, assembly and packaging are all incorporated under one responsibility, NU-TEC, to ensure that the final product meets the customers' highest expectations. 
China has cast-iron foundries that produce some of the world's heaviest equipment.  NU-TEC has tapped this resource.  We have invested ten  years in the development of a dependable China operation capable of meeting the toughest worldwide standards.  The NU-TEC joint venture can produce castings comparable to Europe's best foundries at a fraction of the price.  

To optimize your savings, allow our skilled workers to perform the more labor intensive operations on your product.  Our designers, engineers, technicians and inspectors will ensure that your product is attractive and well priced. 

The private label fireplace heaters that are displayed in Our Hearths Page are cast, machined, enameled, assembled, and packaged suitable for final shipment by our NU-TEC China factory.  All products that are produced by NU-TEC are tightly supervised and controlled.  NU-TEC takes all the precautions, often overlooked by independent traders, to ensure that our customer's products are treated as proprietary items.  With NU-TEC managing your project, it will look much better and cost less than you think.  Begin saving with cast-iron products provided by NU-TEC Incorporated.
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